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Jan 25, 2009

Honest/Scrap & FabulousAward

My good friend, Molly, has honored me with an award who name is Honest Scrap which is slightly scary. But, I'll willing to give it a try. The only rule is that I reveal 10 facts about myself that I haven't necessarily shared with anyone. 1. I always wanted a sister to laugh and play with and giggle with until mom said "go to sleep" 2. I always wanted to be a housewife. I never wanted to work, although I don't regret teaching for a moment. 3. I wish I knew more about this fast moving computer age with blogging, twittering, widgets and what'sits. This is one time that I really see the generation gap. 4. I always wanted to travel overseas or go around the world but now that I am able to.......I really don't want to anymore.....Weird but true. 5. Even though I never had children, two wonderful boys & now men, wandered their way into my life and made my life richer. I'm very proud of the men they have become. And I'm really happy that I'm a GoGo (grandma). 6. I am afraid of firing a gun. In fact, just folding a gun makes me ill. This is strange because I'm a Texan & all of my relatives proudly own, carry, hunt and shoot weapons regularly. 7. Now that I'm retired, I need to organize my time better because at this point, I mess off half the day doing nothing other than bird watching, which I enjoy immensely but I do have other responsibilities that I avoid at all costs. 8. I'm very happy to be 53 years old. I know that some of us don't want to think about or admit our ages but to me, it feels so good to know that I've made it to retirement. I have excellent girlfirends and a hobby that we share. The girls don't know this, but I really love them and can't wait to talk to or see them. Talking is usually on a daily basis but I still look forward to the evening chats. 9. I think about my weight alot, keep a running tap when I weigh but then, I'll turn right around and eat a whole pecan pie. Go figure! 10. When all is said and done, I truly love my life, my family and my Wacky girlfirends. Some people want to go back in life or call back 20 years and start from a certain age. If I were given that opportunity, I can honestly say, I wouldn't go back. All that I am, all that I've done to get me to this point is the sum of me and I'm happy with that. I'm truly blessed. Now, I must list 5 addictions..........this is going to be very easy! 1. Reading romance novels 2. Quilting/Embroidering 3. Eating Pecan Pie 4. Shopping for fabric that I don't need 5. Blogging/Checking my E-mail And now to tag 5 luck bloggers: Betsy Cindy Lani Molly Sharon


Brenda said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning a little more about you. Like you, I really would not change anything in my life because it is the way I became the person I am. I am thrilled that we are friends and you are a great person!

Marie said...

Hey Rhonda, I could say ditto to what brenda wrote, I feel the same way. I really like you and love geting to know more about your life.Thanks for sharing with us.I love your blog it is always a learning experience to read, athank you. Hugs, Marie

lani said...

Gosh Darn you you you dear heart....now Im going back to get this done...Love your share what did you retire from oh man read lani I loved to teach man Im bad.....Rhonda love U the swearing in ceremony is Wednesday night can not wait to share pictures.....;-) God Bless

Dana said...

I can tell you really put some thought into this post. It's interesting how several of the things you said are very similar to my very own thoughts. Maybe that's why I like you so much! Happy Monday!

holly said...

Hey we have the same additions. LOL. Too bad I have had to cut back on sweets and buying fabric.

I can honestly say that i wouldn't do anything different either. i am right where God wants me to be. And everything has lead me up to were I am. I am truly blessed with a wonderful hubby and 3awesome boys.

tipper said...

So interesting to learn more tidbits about you!


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