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Dec 2, 2008

Fire Ants

Over at DTE, Rhonda gives a recipe of Borax and white sugar as a way to get rid of "ants." Where she's from, the ants there eat the mixture and depart within a couple of days or so. I wonder if that solution works on "fire ants?" Anybody know the answer to that? If it works on the little demons, I'm all for it.


Julie said...

You know a person is a lot of fun when the first song you hear on their blog is Alvin and the Chipmunks!! LOL.
Let me know what you find out about those darned fireants. They are a plague from hell here too. I can remember sitting on the grass in the yard for hours as a kid (playing Barbie). You can't do that now. Fireants will find you!!

Paula said...

The only thing I've found that works on fire ants is Ortho Fire Ant Killer. I would think the only place you have them is outdoors, so that would work. I have heard horror stories of someone finding them in their closet....but I'm not sure if that's just a Texas Urban Legend!!! LOL

Julie said...

They once built a nest in our HVAC unit (Heating A/C) and ruined it!!! I hate them. Why can't we just have those nice little piss ants? LOL. (Is that what you all call them? The little tiny ones?)

Tipper said...

Fire ants are mean little suckers!! I hope it works for you.


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