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Jun 15, 2008

Building Uncle Sam

Now I know some of my blogger friends are wondering what in the world is she doing, how does she find the time to get things done and what her secret???????? OK, I'll tell........I'm alone.......meaning.....not married, no significate other, no children (the boys are far, far away), no pets....well the hummers are fluttering around but they don't count. No phone interruptions, no mom....for the moment, she's away.........nothing, nada, zilch to bother me hardly ever. So I should be doing more but I do have to do house work, laundry and grocery shopping sometime. Now that that's out of the way...here's my latest project. I've been thinking about making a patriotic quilt for quite awhile now, so what better time to start than Father's Day. I enjoy taking pictures as some of you know so well and wanted to chronicle what I did nearly step by step. The Uncle Sam pattern came from an old Quiltmaker magazine July/August 2000 # 74. So far, I think I'll only do one more border around Sam and start on my next block of the quilt......an eagle.
The block measures 13" X 33" so far.


Kathy said...

Looking good, girlfriend! I like it.

Marlene said...

Uncle Sam looks very dignified and patriotic indeed. Thanks for the step-by-step pictures. It is very interesting to see how it went together. I like the pieced background behind him too.

Brenda said...

It amazes me how shapes and colors make such WOW statements. Another great success.

Moonlight said...

I love this Uncle Sam. In fact a friend used him in a border in a round robin, and he was great

Anonymous said...

Hi-I just stopped by from the Booty Swap page and saw that you are in TX also. What part? I am North of the DFW area.-Brandy

Heidi said...

I salute him! ;-)


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