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Jan 15, 2008

What's My Password

Duhhhh.....Funny story......"now"........The other day I turned on my computer, logged onto the Internet and typed in what I thought at that moment...was my password for my "e-mail". Well, several tries later and a few choice words, it told me that my password was incorrect and to go thru the necessary steps to identify myself.......~$%~^#&*$%+}%{~ Alrighty then! I tried that but was unseccessful. What in the world? I gave up and started the next day.........same problem.......It was at this time that I went in search for my "password" book......you know that little book that you wrote all of those pesky passwords to you "E", myspace, your blog, the counter, shutterfly, flickr, dumpr, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, as soon as I located that book, without even opening it, my password popped into my little brain.......you know.......the real one that I wasn't typing in in the first place. You may be wondering why I'm sharing this little story......the answer to that is I don't know........maybe it will help someone else out there in blogger-land. The moral of this experience..........write it down, then tie a string around your finger to remind you of what you wrote down; next use a post-it note to tell you why you have a string tied around your finger; finally tell a family member or BFF why there's a post-it note on you frig reminding you of the string and what it was you wrote.

1 comment:

Kathy Wagner said...

That was funny :)
I have done the same thing!


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