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Jul 25, 2007

Roughin' It

Picture it.......Last night I was home relaxing in the den watching a neat "Critical Situation". The show was revewing the 1997 shootout between the LAPD and two well armed bank robbers. I was rivited. The phone rings and I thought to myself.....hmmmmmm, it couldn't be my godchild, he'd a work and can't call out. It counldn't be my mom, she either reading something or watching some sports thing. If it's a telemarketer, I'll just hang-up quickly. With that in mind I answered....."Hello." Immediately my cousin who talk rather loudly anyway, started talking rapidly about that he was stuck somewhere in a field where he'd been looking for a lost cow. And could I please come and pull him out. I was, of course, his last hope. At first, I really wasn't listening to him because I was valently trying to listen to "my show!" But when he said to please come. So with shorts, a T-shirt and flip flop on I grab my keys and cellphone and run to the jeep and take off. Now, mind you, I don't know where I'm going it is about 8:30PM now...dusk dark and I don't really go out in the evenings unless "I" want to. Anyway...I'm driving down this oil paved road that I'm unfamiliar with and my cousin calls me on the cell to see if I'm on my way. With a calm that I really didn't have I said, "Yes, of course. Just hold your horses." He had to talk me to his location, which was not easy because he's talking north, south, east, west and I'm in the tell me a landmark mode. Fifteen minutes later, I find the field, which is waite deep grass and there's my cousin right in the middle of the field waving his arms wildly and talking loudly into my ear, "I see you, I see you. Can you see me?" I must admit, for a split second I wanted to say, "No, I can't see you." But I reframed. Finally I reach me by driving through the very tall grass. Insects are flying everywhere. Did I mention that I don't do bugs at all. Unfortunately I had to lower my window to hear my cousin over the road of his truck and my pounding heart. (I hate insects) The little buggers swarmed into my opened window and started buzzing around my head and face. Bad choice. I was swatting them, listening to the instructions from my cousin and thinking if I'd just let the answering machine get it, bah, bah, bah, bah. Who am I kidding? I'd still be in that field. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, cousin asked my to put my jeep in 4wheel drive. Do what? What was 4wd? I'm never done anything like that or knew how. Why me? So now I have to find that button and engage the 4wd after cousin and tied us together with some kind of cable. Finally I found that button, pulled it and hit reverse. Needless to say....my cousin was pulled to freedom, I blew the insects out on my high speed drive back to my house and was able to finish my show because I did, for once, remember to push record!
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1 comment:

Jerri said...

What an adventure. You tell great stories and always make me chuckle.


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