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Jul 12, 2007

It's a Heart

I'd love to share pattern with you. It's easy, quick and fun. There are squars and nine patches involved and that's it. I cut the squares and made the nine patches late last night and put this all together today. It's a snap. You've got to try it! I'm thinking a nice border to finish it off. I'll post the pic. when it gets done. Well, I'm on my way to a retreat in Beadias, Texas for 3 days. It's a Bed & Breakfast place with quilters in mind. It holds 10 people and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner I think. I can't wait. Let you know how it goes when next I post. (This pattern came from the book entitled "Quick & Easy Romantic Quilts" by Sandy Berry)
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swooze said...

Pretty! And fast. What size is it?

Annie said...

I like this design.....can you tell me where you got the pattern for it from?? Great job.........

Quilting Pirate said...

what a perfect pattern for a charity quilt! Thank you for sharing!!!

Deb Sews Quilts said...

Great pattern! What is the name of it and where did you order it? I want a heart quilt and I don't think that I will ever finish my Bargello heart :). Looking forward to hearing about the B&B trip.

Wendy said...

The Heathers Heart quilt is wonderful. I made the same quilt and I just love it.

Angie said...

Me too, me too! LOL I would LOVE to have a copy of this pattern!! Just found your blog through someone else's and I'm so glad I did! I've added you to my Bloglines so I can come visit often! :)

Helen in the UK said...

Love the heart quilt and your Woodsey quilt too :)

MOLLY said...

you go girl--great quilt!


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